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I'm friendly with one of the women who works in my local supermarket and was surprised the other day to hear that she had ovarian cancer, which had been caught early.  She was awaiting treatment and optimistic about a positive outcome.

 I asked her if she'd been to the Silver Ribbon Foundation's website and was a little taken aback when she told me that she hadn't heard about it, and that none of the health care professionals that she'd seen (to date) had told her about it. 

 While the pink ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation enjoys wide support in the community, many people are not as familiar with the work of the Silver Ribbon Foundation.  Communication Works sponsors the Silver Ribbon Foundation by helping to communicate the information and support that the Foundation offers to those women diagnosed with gynaecological cancer.

 Fiona Paterson, recently named in the NZ rowing squad's double scull (along with Anna Reymer) is a gynaecological cancer survivor and an ambassador for the Silver Ribbon Foundation.  Fiona takes every opportunity she has to help spread some of the key messages of the Silver Ribbon Foundation:

  • that the foundation exists to educate the community and raise awareness about all gynaecological cancers
  • that the foundation provides support to women with gynaecological cancer
  • that early detection saves lives
  • that smear tests detect abnormalities that may lead to cervical cancer, but do not detect ovarian, uterine or vulval/vaginal cancers.

Fi's latest interview on TV3 highlights the need for women to be aware of the symptoms of gynaecological cancer and proves that goals in life are achievable, despite a diagnosis of cancer.

Read more about Fi's story, along with other women's remarkable journeys, at the Silver Ribbon Foundation website - then spread the word!


Written by Sue Saunders

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