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What's covered in this training?

'Plain English' is simple and effective communication, without the use of unnecessary, technical jargon, archaic or pretentious language. It allows you to communicate with your clients without creating confusion or resentment. Sometimes we fall into the trap of using unnecessarily complex language in order to impress readers with our knowledge. Doing this, though, often just ends up irritating the people we want to communicate with - our readers.

Using Plain English ensures that you don't lose or hide the important information you need to communicate, saving you time and money. Legal documents, insurance forms and contractual agreements are examples of communication that can easily confuse readers.

At the end of your training, you will be able to:

  • recognise the benefits of writing for your reader
  • replace verbose, archaic, and pretentious language with clear and concise language
  • replace unnecessary, technical jargon with universally understood terms
  • save you and your client both time and money
  • create goodwill by being client-centred.

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