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At Communication Works, we believe that effective workplace communication where employees are both valued and listened to delivers real benefits for an organisation’s credibility, image and reputation. Communicating your key messages with your internal and external stakeholders can be fraught with difficulty, especially in the context of New Zealand’s changing demographic profile, and the current economic recession.

In your organisation:

  • Are perceptions causing barriers to a positive communication climate?
  • Are internal and external customers receiving excellent service?
  • Does management ‘walk the talk’, inspire and motivate staff?
  • Are meetings ineffective, frustrating and affecting morale?
  • Are cross-cultural barriers stifling a positive workplace culture which capitalises on your organisational diversity?
  • Do you have a plan for communicating during a crisis?
When your organisation identifies improved internal communication as a strategic goal, you will see immediate and positive outcomes in productivity, service, morale, and innovation. In addition, you will find that communication and relationships with your external constituencies will also improve.

Communication Works offers a wide range of training modules that provide easy-to- adopt, practical tools for your management and staff to improve communication with all your key stakeholders. The interactive exercises and detailed facilitator feedback make improving your workplace communication not just a necessity, but a strategy that improves your bottom line!


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