Communication Works

What’s covered in this training?

  • If you’re frustrated with attending meetings,
  • where information is ‘processed’, but never actioned
  • where conflict rules and there are constant interruptions
  • where nobody seems to know correct procedure
  • where the chairperson seems unable to control the meeting
  • where no agenda was circulated
  • then you should attend this training.

Chaired well, meetings are a valuable part of the working environment that can increase commitment to the task and boost productivity. However, too often meetings become a barrier to an organisation’s communication where participants are locked into the same inefficient patterns of communicating.

Get a fresh perspective on this vital organisational tool; attend this workshop and prepare to participate in, or run, devastatingly effective meetings.

At the end of this training, you will:

  • understand how to manage conflict effectively
  • acknowledge the critical role of the chairperson
  • understand the group dynamics operating in your meeting
  • recognise the value and rules of meeting procedure
  • understand how to harness the collective intelligence of the group and achieve win-win meeting outcomes.

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