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When the momentous events of the Canterbury Earthquake occurred at 4:35 am on 4 September, I jumped out of bed in a flash. As I tripped over the furniture in the dark and tried to make my way to my daughter's room, my next thought after the realisation that this was definitely the ‘Big One' was: Why had I not got my earthquake survival kit ready? 

It had been on my mind at various times. I had made a lame attempt when news of the Swine Flu epidemic first arose. I was reminded at intervals by public service advertisements on TV and yet I had still managed to put off organising this very important kit.

But if we put off preparing for disasters, it seems that many of us also put off those important health checks that ensure we don't encounter a health problem.

Communication Works sponsors the New Zealand Gynaecological Cancer Foundation  (formerly the Silver Ribbon Foundation) and September was Cervical Cancer Awareness month.  Some of you may have seen Fiona Paterson, the NZGCF's ambassador, interviewed on Good Morning on TV1 last month, or even heard her on National Radio on Tuesday 5 October 2009.  Fiona's key message is to take time for yourself, listen to your body and get the appropriate checks.

In other words, many of us excel at procrastination, but if we've learnt any lessons from the earthquake or Fiona's message, it is to stop, think, take precautions and above all, act!

Written by Desiree Williamson

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