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What's covered in this training?

Presenters in the new millennium compete with media-savvy and visually literate audiences. It is crucial that presenters recognise that in order to communicate effectively to stakeholder audiences, they must employ a vital and energetic public speaking style which builds rapport and truly connects with the target audience. This course uses practical and interactive techniques to enable presenters to achieve a fresh and energised take on the skill of giving presentations!

At the end of this training you will:

  • understand the communication process and how to avoid barriers that prevent your audience understanding and retaining your message
  • understand the importance and skills of effective breath control and posture in voice production
  • recognise the components of effective articulation and their importance to vocal delivery
  • be able to use congruent body language to maintain audience interest, build credibility and project confidence
  • understand how to 'capture the audience' and hold them 'captive' using an 'extemporaneous' style (prepared but not read)
  • be able to match your message and presentation to the client/audience demographic
  • be able to use a relevant template to structure your content
  • be able to use relevant and effective audio-visual aids (notes, OHP, PowerPoint, etc) to support your presentations
  • be able to reflect on and critically evaluate your own performance and that of others by receiving detailed and personalised feedback from the trainer, based on videoed performance.


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