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Sue Saunders

"Sue is an expert in her field and passionate about her subject. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she inspires learning."

"The feedback from your sessions has been fantastic.   Hardened attendees of many such seminars loved your approach and the practical nature of the sessions.   From my perspective you absolutely hit the mark but I guess I was still a bit apprehensive about how some would take it.  Thank you sincerely for the hard work and thought you put into the preparation."

"Sue's commitment to bringing harmony to the workforce is well received and based on practical and common sense solutions. Her ability to genuinely listen to people, yet provide practical working solutions, is excellent, especially when you consider that not everybody can get their own way."

"Sue's practical application of ideas was excellent. I was able to relate to content easily. I found Sue to be very enthusiastic and a great presenter."

Desirée Williamson

"The workshop was exactly what I needed. All the material Desirée presented was relevant and had a very useful application to my job."

"Desirée was excellent, approachable and responsive to our needs. Business skills of formatting letters etc very valuable. Benefit of learning how to communicate with others helped by excellent interactive group activities."

"I am impressed with all aspects of this training. Desirée is a master in her field, yet relates as an equal to participants. Very motivational. Learning environment perfect."

"Desirée is an excellent communicator and has a very descriptive manner of speaking. Training environment is relaxed and encouraging."

"I enjoy the atmosphere, the way the participants can relate to you, give feedback, bounce ideas off you. I am impressed with the way you handle the different dynamics within the group."

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