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What's covered in this training?

Perhaps you're frustrated by the fact that you have staff who have a high level of English proficiency but seem to have some errors in style or structure that affect the way their message is perceived by their receiver. This course is designed for academics, professionals, managers and other business people currently operating in business or business disciplines, and who have English as their second language. This training specifically targets skills required to refine and polish written and spoken business English to meet the high expectations of an academic and business environment. We use interactive and communicative learning methods to achieve greater accuracy in both written and spoken English. Activities focus on workplace presentations, discussions, and a variety of written business documents.

By the end of the training, you will:

  • have an individual diagnosis of written and spoken skills
  • be aware of common written and spoken English errors and recognise how to avoid them through self-editing techniques
  • understand how to write effectively for your audience; structuring documents correctly, using correct and clear grammar, word choice and editing techniques
  • be able to produce accurate and effective business documents including reports and other formal business documents
  • be aware of accent reduction techniques and have reflected critically on your oral English skills, building confidence through the use of effective speaking skills for business presentations, chairing meetings, and workplace social speeches.

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