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What's covered in this training?

The credibility of your business depends on the perceptions that your stakeholders gain from all your organisational communication. The quality of your business writing can create or erode your professional credibility and image within a few moments of your document being read. If you have staff for whom English is not their first language, you probably find that these staff have high levels of aural or reading comprehension but may have a number of ingrained errors that are really difficult to eliminate.

Let us diagnose where your business writing needs polishing. We will give you the tools to write business documents which are accurate, appropriate, achieve the purpose you intend, and most importantly enhance the credibility and image of your organisation.

At the end of your training you will:

  • have a clear understanding of where your business writing needs improvement
  • have strategies for identifying errors and skills to correctly edit your documents
  • understand the foundation blocks of English grammar and punctuation and have a sound understanding of the requirements of different document types and audience
  • have increased confidence in their ability to write clear, correct and appropriate business documents.


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