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What's covered in this training?

During the 1970s some ‘bright spark' decided that learning grammar wasn't nearly as important as conveying meaning. Unfortunately this theory had an inherent flaw, because as we all know, without correct grammar and punctuation the writer's meaning is frequently lost or ambiguous. In addition, time and money is wasted clarifying the message, and most importantly the credibility of your organisation is damaged.

This workshop provides you with the basics of good grammar and punctuation, presented in a fresh, easy-to-learn and remember way that will make a dynamic difference to your current writing style. The skills that you will gain will ensure that your clients receive information that they understand, and that is clear in intent and purpose.

At the end of your training, you will be able to:

  • understand and use correct business grammar to convey your organisation's key messages
  • identify and apply apostrophes correctly
  • differentiate between commas, fullstops, semi-colons and colons and utilise them effectively
  • acknowledge the critical role and application of correctly used pronouns
  • identify commonly confused words
  • understand the relationship between subjects and verbs
  • use adverbs appropriately
  • write well constructed sentences and paragraphs that link appropriately.

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