Communication Works
  • Are you taking full advantage of all the skills of the migrants in your workplace?
  • Are you building positive relationships and accruing goodwill with clients, customers and suppliers for whom English is a second language?
  • Does your organisation facilitate and encourage greater cross-cultural understanding?

What’s covered in this training?

New Zealand’s recent immigration policies have changed the cultural blue-print of our workforce. The rich diversity of our culturally different workforce presents both enormous potential, but also some challenge.  Differences in:

  • perception
  • language
  • cultural communication styles
  • understanding about hierarchy
  • gender
  • and managerial styles can cause communication breakdown and adversely affect your organisation’s morale and productivity.

Unfortunately, many organisations never benefit fully from the individual talents and skills of their international employees. This results in a loss of productivity for the business but also for the whole country.

This one day workshop will provide you with the tools necessary to improve your cross-cultural competence through interactive activities and detailed facilitator feedback.

At the end of this training you will:

  • understand why cultural misunderstanding occurs, and how to increase your cross-cultural awareness
  • understand the tools which will encourage your international workforce to communicate more effectively in a New Zealand cultural context
  • understand how to facilitate and resolve cross-cultural conflict
  • harness the collective benefits of diversity to build cross-cultural cooperation and collaboration in your organisation.

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